Suburban Apartment Or Condo Communities Offer Amenities For Families

Nowadays, it seems like high end apartment rentals are focused almost entirely on the amenities. While city dwellers can look forward to courtyards, media rooms, and fitness centers, for families that have chosen to move out to suburbs like Tewksbury, apartment rentals are focused more on amenities like parks, pools, and children’s areas. While the real estate market remains strong, a number of folks are taking a good long hard look at remaining renters, and with apartment homes, they no longer have to invest in a house in order to live well.

“Think about this in terms of personal expense,” says one real estate analyst. “In order to have all the amenities you can get at some of the high end apartment complexes, you’d be paying an arm and a leg. On top of that, there’s a great sense of community associated with these play areas. Children play with one another. If the parents want to go out, there’s other parents that are willing to watch them. There are playgrounds for the residents only, so parents can feel safer about their kids going to the park area. There’s a real feeling of home associated with these places that you would typically find in a neighborhood, if you’re very lucky.

“On top of that, residents aren’t responsible for the daily maintenance on the grounds,” he continued. “Groundskeepers take care of the grass, the pool, all things that a homeowner would either have to pay out of pocket for or do themselves. Maintenance on the property is also taken care of by residential maintenance, so there’s a lot less of a time investment in caring for a Homepage rental property than there would be if you owned your own home.”

In most areas, the cost of a mortgage payment is still significantly less than the cost of monthly rent, especially for luxury end apartments, but a lot of residents say that you can’t put a price tag on the amount of time they now have to spend with their families as opposed to working around the house.

“There’s a lot of great people in this community,” says one resident. “We barbecue together, our kids are friends, and the actual apartments are really nice. My husband and I both like having an on site dishwasher, and the playground is really nice. ”

“Apartment homes marketed to parents is a relatively new development,” says one real estate analyst. “Typically, families were forced to rent duplexes from private landlords, and many of them look at this now still do, but for those that are looking at apartment complexes because they’d rather not own, developers are starting to create options that are marketed just for them. It works for everybody.”

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